AST 1745 - Sacred Mudra Flower, Sacred Ocean Sound Cave

Chapter 1745 - Sacred Mudra Flower, Sacred Ocean Sound Cave

Qing Shui's transformation made the remaining Ocean Demons feel very astonished. Their morale, which had already been very low, now hit rock bottom.

It was as if Yan Ziyun had plunged into the deepest and darkness valley. He suddenly felt as if the world was dark and desolate, and that his life had reached an end. It seemed that he was at his wit's end.

He was pushed back by Qing Shui once again. Qing Shui’s strength and battle prowess seemed to have gotten a lot stronger suddenly. It was just like what was said earlier, the car hadn't changed. It was the road that had changed. Therefore, the speed naturally differed greatly.

The mutation to the Yin-Yang Image brought about overwhelming effects. Qing Shui had the feeling as if he had seen the...

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