AST 1743 - Sun Shooting Bow, Immortal Slaying Arrow

Chapter 1743 - Sun Shooting Bow, Immortal Vanquishing Arrow

Right now, Qing Shui was just like a sharp sword. He could very quickly open up a breach no matter where he went. His target this time was the remaining strong elderly man.

Paragon Strike!

Qing Shui let the Dragon Slaying Beast act as a support. Now, the opponents had already been made aware of how terrifying a demonic beast the Dragon Slaying Beast could be. Hence, they would try to keep an eye on it in hope that they could hit it away with one blow. This was because prior to this, they had tried various methods and yet were still unable to kill off the beast.

However, this time, the elderly man made a mistake. The real threat was Qing Shui. Furthermore, it was one of his Sure-Kill strikes. All along, Qing Shui had felt reluctant to use it. After all, he could only use it once everyday. The old man from before was very unlucky. As soon as he came up, he immediately became dizzy due to the...

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