AST 1739 - The formidable Divine Water Beads, Water Elements Treasure)

Chapter 1739 - The formidable Divine Water Beads, Water Elements Treasure

“Indeed, to conquer the world!”

As Qing Shui looked at the drawing, he truly felt that this image had managed to take hold of the entire world. It’s as if this drawing possessed some magical powers. He couldn’t help but wonder who drew it.

Qing Shui went forward and took down the image. He then rolled it up and looked towards the group, “This drawing is very unusual. If any of you want it, take it.”

Shui Yunfeng shook his head, “This drawing is too weird. Besides, I never really liked drawings anyway. Brother, why don’t you take it? I don’t feel good about this thing.”

Shui Yunfeng was able to tell that Qing Shui liked the drawing, but he didn’t know why. It’s true that he didn’t like it, hence he never had the intention to take it.

The two girls smiled and shook their head, “Qing Shui, what’s the use of this image? Could it be that it could help improve your skills in drawing?”

The two girls had been together with Qing Shui for a while. Naturally, they would be aware of Qing Shui’s drawing...

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