AST 1738 - Nine Palace, Portrait, Might Dominating the world

Chapter 1738 - Nine Palace, Portrait, Might Dominating the World

The Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast slowly came to a stop and became a small mountain with piles of stones. At this moment, the group fixed their sight onto the golden barrier. If their assumption was correct, it should be the door leading to the treasure room.

But at the same time, everyone suddenly fixed their sight on Qing Shui. Without noticing, even Shui Yunfeng himself had started to rely more and more on Qing Shui. His heart was suddenly struck with this feeling.

He didn’t really hate how that felt. The reason was that it was a blessing to meet someone whom he could rely on so much. Anyone would want to find someone whom they could believe in and be best friends with them.

However, at the same time, this kind of feeling also came to prove something. That was, Qing Shui was more outstanding than himself. At least, this was how Shui Yunfeng was feeling...

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