AST 1735 - Entering The Northern Ocean Dragon Mercy Path

Chapter 1735 - Entering The Northern Ocean Dragon Mercy Path

Qing Shui stopped talking. He knew the reason behind Shui Yunfeng’s words. Furthermore, he reckoned that this time, it'd very hard to leave the Northern Ocean Dragon Mercy Path.

Qing Shui didn't look worried, while Shui Yunfeng already expected death. He couldn't recover from his unmentionable disease without Qing Shui. He was a wise man of justice. Since it was already mentioned, he would surely do it.

The Sunset Palace Mistress and Muyun Qingge appeared depressed. They didn't have clear stances in such a situation. They could only put all their hopes on this man due to the strength discrepancies.

It was unfair to say that Qing Shui was not worried and never expected this. Still, he was a man with principles and limits. Since both of the Mistresses...

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