AST 1732 - Northern Ocean Dragon Mercy Path

AST 1732 - Northern Ocean Dragon Mercy Path

What Qing Shui was confused about was the treasures that were in the Northern Ocean Divine Temple. He wasn’t a saint. Even he would like things that could be useful to him. Besides, he was never scared of getting himself involved with the issues of others. After a while, he responded with, “If possible, I would like to go there and take a look.”

“Of course! Why not? The Northern Ocean Dragon Mercy Path would only open after three days. Would you like to stick together with us by then?” Shui Yunfeng smiled and asked.


Following that, Qing Shui continued to cure Shui Yunfeng’s wounds. This time, he managed to cure another ⅓ of his meridians. Adding on with the one which he previously cured, ⅔ of Shui Yunfeng’s meridians in total had already recovered.

“This is great! Qing Shui, I have managed to think it through. Even if it truly was incurable, I will face the reality! Nevertheless, there are some problems which would still remain. Before...

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