AST 1728 - Mesmerising, Fire

Chapter 1728 - Mesmerising, Fire

As to why Qing Shui told him his treatment had to be divided into three times, he didn’t actually do it with ill intentions. By the extent to which he was injured, it was also necessary to do so. Deep down, Shui Yunfeng also understood better than anyone else. In fact, he was already surprised enough with the fact it could be cured in the first place. Half a year, to him, was already considered to be a godly speed.

He never suspected if Qing Shui did anything fishy. The reason being that he knew that if Qing Shui really did want to trick him, the only thing he would need to do was to deny curing him. There would have been no point for him to do so many redundant things.

“Brother Qing Shui, I owe you a huge debt. Though I, Shui Yunfeng, don’t dare to say that I am a good person, but deep down, I know who treats me well and who doesn’t. I can assure you that I will treat anyone who had treated me well even better in ret...

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