AST 1726 - Time was up, the old woman left

AST 1726 - Time Was Up, the Old Woman Left

“Haha! Okay, Qing Shui. I was right about you. Please treat Ye`er well in the future. I know she will condemn me, but I feel relieved now.” The old woman laughed.

“Master, what are you saying again? You are my only family now. I won’t blame you even if something had really happened.” Qing Hanye said coyly.

“Girl, I may not be a fortune teller but I know that your life will change because of him. You have been suffering all these years but things will be different soon. Stop being wilful, trust your master and be good to Qing Shui.” The old woman said as if she was entrusting her to Qing Shui.

“Master, why are you saying all these suddenly?” Qing Hanye sensed uneasiness from her master.

“Your master...

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