AST 1724 - The Holy Saint Inheritor, Profundity Qi

Chapter 1724 - The Holy Saint Inheritor, Profundity Qi

At the moment when Shui Yunfeng’s aura spread out of his body, Qing Shui knitted his brows. The man right in front of him was actually the Holy Saint Inheritor!

If Qing Shui recalled correctly, the other inheritance, other than the Battle God Inheritance, was the Holy Saint Inheritance. It was just that the people who had received Holy Saint Inheritance didn’t take part in the battles between people with Demon Lord and Battle God Heritage. This was why Qing Shui never took notice of this. It was until now when Qing Shui saw the Evil Slaying Sword and the aura being emitted off Shui Yunfeng’s body for himself, that he found out that this person had actually possessed the Holy Saint Inheritance. It didn’t just end here. He was even a great confucian.

The Confucian in this context didn’t just mean an ordinary confucian. A person with the Holy Saint Inheritance was considered to be a person of justice. Though they might not be the same confucian from his previous incarnation, they still shared some...

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