AST 1723 - Ten Steps Killing Formation, Shui Yunfeng

Chapter 1723 - Ten Steps Killing Formation, Shui Yunfeng

“Kill him! Ten Steps Killing Formation!”

The things which Qing Shui said didn’t really affect Shui Yunfeng much. This was quite normal considering his position, for someone like him who was supposed to be standing above everyone and ordering people around, it’s unlikely that he would be threatened by a young and inexperienced brat. Even if the brat was truly talented.

A few middle-aged man immediately made their move as soon as they heard Shui Yunfeng’s instruction. They weren’t really frightened by the fact that Qing Shui managed to heavily injure one of their teammates with one strike. Actually, to put it in a better way, they actually found the strike from before to be a bit unreal.

Qing Shui watched as enemies approached him from all sides. He then revealed a disdainful smile. Playing formations in front of him were no different from digging their own graves.

Qing Shui’s initial intention...

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