AST 1722 - I want to see who dares to be insolent here

Chapter 1722 - I want to see who dares to be insolent here

This kind of pain couldn’t be shared with others. That was human nature. If he was an ordinary person, nothing would have been wrong with him being like that. The problem was, he wasn’t. The position he had helped him determine his vision as well as desire.

It was long destined that he would have to face the pain alone. He had looked for psychiatrists, and even alchemists before. But he would only meet them with his disguise on. Unfortunately, none of them has got a clue on how to help him. It’s through a repeated process of trying yet receiving disappointing responses that he decided to give up on it.

Although he might have given up and stopped looking for psychiatrists, for someone like him who was at the prime of his life, it was the moment when his desire to get the things which he craved for would be the strongest. The women behind him were totally unable to be satisfied...

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