AST 1721 - Revealing the Shortcomings of the Watermoon Cave Lord

Chapter 1721 - Revealing the Shortcomings of the Watermoon Cavern Lord

Meanwhile, Qing Shui was also getting more and more curious. He had heard rumors saying that the person who wanted to marry Qing Hanye was the Cave Lord of Watermoon Cavern. Though the cavern lord himself might not be the strongest, there was no doubt that he would possess the mightiest force behind his back. In this world, everything was decided by strength. It would be impossible for him to take up such a position without possessing a worthwhile strength.

From the way things seemed, there was a high possibility that the Watermoon Cavern Lord had arrived.

While pondering over all of these, Qing Shui slowly walked beside Qing Hanye towards the main hall of Dragonwolf Palace. Along the way, he saw a lot of people greeting Qing Hanye. 

Before he arrived at the main hall, Qing Shui could already feel a few powerful aurae oozing...

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