AST 1720 - Watermoon Cavern Was Here

Chapter 1720 - Watermoon Cavern Was Here

Not just Qing Shui’s demonic beasts, the demonic beasts of the Mistresses had also achieved massive breakthroughs. Yiye Jiange’s Nine-Headed Crystal Beast, Muyun Qingge’s White Jade Dragon, and Qing Hanye’s Greencloud Titan Ox, to be exact.

Qing Shui was taken aback when he first looked at this ox. It was an Ancient Mutated species. In the legends, it had the bloodline of the Divine Beast Azure Ox. This ox appeared bold and powerful, with a gigantic body. Its enormous horns were a hundred times more ferocious than the ones involved in bullfighting in the past life.

Standing tall on green clouds, its skin was green-colored as well and pleasing to the eye. It mastered the wood attribute abilities and had extreme resistance...

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