AST 1719 - Formidable Strength of The Dark Phoenix

AST 1719 - Formidable Strength of The Dark Phoenix

Compared to the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, the change of the Dark Phoenix was greater. Qing Shui was deeply moved as the bloodline of Hellfire Phoenix was getting stronger and stronger. At present, he probably wouldn’t stand any advantages over the Hellfire Phoenix.

Hellfire Phoenix, bloodline power: Extremely pure!

Previously, the bloodline of Hellfire Phoenix was strong though he couldn’t figure out how to categorize it. Now, it was entirely genuine. It wasn’t entirely a phoenix before, but it should be one now.

Hellfire Phoenix’s raw strength had achieved 30,000 Yang. This wasn’t surprising to Qing Shui. In fact, it could be considered not a lot. In contrast, the battle skills of Hellfire Phoenix got stronger.


Hellfire Phoenix’s battle skills and resistance abilities were seemingly much stronger than the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant’s skills.


Dark Phoenix of Nine Heavens. Passive skill, zero consumption. A permanent increase of strength by 300 times. Halves consumption for application of any battle skill and attack.


A 300 times increment was still incomparable to...

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