AST 1718 - Form Transformation of Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, Metamorphosis

Chapter 1718 - Form Transformation of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, Metamorphosis

This made Qing Shui over the moon. All in all, Qing Shui was in need of strong and powerful assistants at the moment. He felt the subtle changes in the situation after the incidents lately. He even felt helpless and less capable than he desired.

Long ago, Qing Shui had once relied on his demonic beasts. Despite the weaker strength of demonic beasts compared to his in the later days, they were still fundamental. Basically, other demonic beasts had less scope for abilities at present, except for the Dragon Slaying Beast.

Due to that, Qing Shui justified that the demonic beasts’ strength didn’t grow at a slow rate, but his own strength spiked too rapidly....

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