AST 1713 - Xuan Clan, Shoddy Scheme?

Chapter 1713 - Xuan Clan, Shoddy Scheme?

The provocation intents behind those words were far too strong. It would be fine if it was an ordinary person, but how could an ordinary person be able to come here in the first place? Moreover, Qing Shui was also able to sense the opponent's aura. This person was much weaker than Qing Shui. After all, during this period of time, the increment to his strength had basically placed him at the very top amongst those around his age.

He still had confidence in himself.

"I'm Qi Deng. I happened to pass by and thus came." The thin man looked at Qing Shui and smiled.

"Oh. Since you’re here, you're one of our guests." Qing Shui smiled and replied.

Qing Shui's intentions were also very clear. 'You had come uninvited, but since you're here, we'll treat you as a guest. However, you should also act like...

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