AST 1703 - The Feeling of Home, Warmth

AST 1703 - The Feeling of Home, Warmth

Qing Shui guessed that Qing Hanye was worried about the current dangers. Of course, she could be feeling scared as well. Moreover a lady who took great care of her own chastity wouldn't be able to take action immediately, even if she were to encounter a man that she liked.

The humans in the world is made up of men and women. In life, the matter between men and women was indispensable to life. However, it didn't all revolve around it. This matter was a indispensable condiment of life. Of course, humans used this same method to engage in reproduction.

Qing Shui also knew why Qing Hanye had said that he was detestable in the past. Back then, while it was said that he couldn't be bothered with her, others could tell that he was avoiding her. To a lady with unrivalled beauty, moreover one who had taken the initiative,...

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