AST 1702 - Yin-Yang Pill, Uncontrollable

Chapter 1702 - Yin-Yang Pill, Uncontrollable

“Please tell me, senior.” Qing Shui honestly wanted to know.

“Absolutely. I would have told you even if you didn’t ask. The Watermoon Cavern Lord is a golden dragon who has achieved Dao, the actual tribe of dragons. Coincidentally, he swallowed a Golden Turtle Crimson Pellet and hence achieved an unprecedented strength. He wanted to marry Ye`er because he discovered her Nine Yin Body.”

Qing Shui knew of the Golden Turtle Crimson Pellet. The Golden Turtle was a mystical turtle species in nature. They were similar to the Golden Treasure Pig and harmless by nature, yet, at the same time, they could hardly be harmed.

Golden Turtles, especially those aged over ten thousand years, would produce the Golden Pellet. This was the result of the condensation of the spiritual influence from Heaven and Earth, combined with the golden turtle’s own essence. It was the strongest and the most concentrated Yang. Thus, it was considered to be the most precious treasure to humans and Gold Demonic Beasts.

As the old lady said earlier, the Watermoon Cavern...

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