AST 1700 - Charming and Alluring Qing Hanye, Enticed

AST 1700 - Charming and Alluring Qing Hanye, Enticed

Yiye Jiange fully recovered in just three days. The constitutions of the women in the Portraits of Beauty were generally strong. Their powers were considered phenomenal too. Even so, she never went out of the small courtyard during her full recuperation.

Once Yiye Jiange had recovered, Qing Hanye went back to Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace, as she still had a bunch of things awaiting her to settle. She would still be very busy considering that she had to handle such a hefty power. There weren’t any big problems. Smaller problems, however, kept pouring in endlessly.

Qing Shui decided to send her back to the palace. Both of them did not say a word during their journey, causing the atmosphere between them to become slightly awkward. Qing Hanye behaved naturally, yet she would turn her gaze to Qing Shui at times. 

They had met each other several times before. During their last meeting, they had a lot to talk about. As time went by, they were able to relive the scenario between the two of them, little by little. Unfortunately, besides the charming dream from before, there was nothing else.

“What? Don’t you have anything to say after seeing me?” Qing Hanye stopped and glared at Qing Shui. She was calm, yet with her natural femininity and overall charm, her presence was a huge...

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