AST 1698 - Yiye Jiange Had Conceived A Son, Qing Xiu

Chapter 1698 - Yiye Jiange Has a Son, Qing Xiu

“I’m going to be jealous of this little fellow.” Qing Shui chuckled.

Hearing those words, Yiye Jiange let out a soft giggle. Anyone could tell how happy she looked. She turned toward Qing Shui and chided him, “What are you jealous about?”

“My position has been degraded by this little guy, even before he’s out in this world. I fear that once he’s born, you will burn the bridge between us and forget about me.”

“You are an asshole.”


The news of the Second Palace Lord’s death was quickly spread out. Even though no one had seen his corpse, there were many ways one could find out if he was still alive or not in this world.

As the Grand Palace Mistress of Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace, Qing Hanye had naturally become the Palace Mistress of said palace. In actuality, even if Qing Shui didn’t kill the Second Palace Lord, Qing Hanye would still have been able to assume control over the Dragonwolf Palace. Qing Hanye’s prestige was quite high in the Dragonwolf Palace even after all these years. 

Qing Shui didn’t expect to see Qing Hanye at the Sunset Sea King Palace a month later. When the Sunset Palace Mistress, Muyun Qingge, and Qing Hanye arrived to the small courtyard, Qing Shui was stunned. 

The three ladies seemed to be radiating in splendor when they stood...

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