AST 1693 - Can you be my protector as well!

Chapter 1693 - Can you be my Protector as well?

This could also be considered a fortune. She had encountered the Dragonwolf Old Ancestor by chance while roaming the Giant Beast Mountain Range at the west of the Greencloud Continent. This was a major reason as to why she could become the Great Palace Master now.

It was just that the Dragonwolf Ancestor didn’t have long to live and was on his deathbed. This was also the reason why he had granted Qing Hanye his inheritance, which made her so powerful now.

The Dragonwolf Ancestor had only granted a portion of his strength to Qing Hanye. But even so, right now Qing Hanye’s strength was immeasurably deep. Sadly, the Dragonwolf Ancestor had passed away ten years ago.

Right now there were two factions in the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace. Qing Hanye as the Great Palace Master...

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