AST 1691 - Easternpeak Mountain, Meeting the Great Palace Master

Chapter 1691 - Eastern Peak Mountain, Meeting the Great Palace Master

Yiye Jiange didn’t have such thick skin. Although she and Qing Shui were already husband and wife, she still couldn’t endure Qing Shui’s dirty talk. She could only shake her head helplessly. She had always been the most understanding one, and she was also very clear of the Palace Mistress’s feelings for Qing Shui. Maybe it didn’t matter in her heart if Qing Shui had one more woman. In her eyes, the Sunset Palace Mistress wasn’t an outsider…

In fact, Qing Shui could already tell. If not, he wouldn’t have asked her if she minded if there were other women around him. However, he could still understand the true thoughts in their hearts.

But he also knew that Yiye Jiange was simply too kind-hearted.

Qing Shui hugged her as they sat on the reclining chair. Today was a sunny and windy...

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