AST 1690 - Women are Trouble?

Chapter 1690 - Women are Trouble?

The things here gradually settled down. Qing Shui initially assumed that the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace would soon find their way over. What surprised him was that even though half a month had passed, there were no signs of any commotion.

This made him somewhat shocked. After all, the third Palace master died here. If he assumed that his opponent was scared because of the strength he displayed, it would be somewhat ridiculous. But right now, Qing Shui also truly had no wish to go and antagonize the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace.

If this was in the past, Qing Shui would definitely have hunted them down in their nest. But right now, he discovered that his strength was still not sufficient to be successful in every endeavor. Although there was no doubt he was very powerful, and that there weren’t many who could defeat him in a one-on-one...

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