AST 1689 - Great Palace Master, Nine Yin Sacred Hands?

Chapter 1689 - Great Palace Master, Nine Yin Sacred Hands?

Given her current injuries, she couldn’t even stand by herself. Qing Shui naturally wouldn’t place her down. He just carried her without regard to her protests. “Listen to me. Nothing will happen to them.”

Qing Shui could see that their opponents basically had no more chance of claiming victory. But now, because of the Sunset Palace Mistress’s injuries, Qing Shui directly used Emperor’s Qi.This could increase the chance of their side obtaining a victory.

Qing Shui’s rough voice caused the heart of the Palace Mistress to be filled with a current of warmth. Right now, she was injured, but she felt that this was her most blessed moment. In fact, she even wanted this moment to continue forever.

She knew that she was at the point of no return, falling in love with a man that was...

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