AST 1687 - Dragonwolf Imprint, Breaking Cauldrons Sinking Boats

Chapter 1687 - Dragonwolf Imprint, Breaking Cauldrons Sinking Boats


A thick, blood-colored vine shot forwards, emitting its powerful devouring Qi.

Currently, the Five Elements Divine Refining Technique was Qing Shui’s strongest attack after the Paragon Strike. Also, the energy consumption was very little because he had just received a large boost to his spiritual energy. This made the sensation he had before, of his attacks not being sufficient enough, completely disappear.

A demonic vine plus the golden armor from earlier made Qing Shui’s confidence soar.

Roaming Dragon Steps, Paragon Water Flight!

Qing Shui was like a fish in water as he rushed towards the third palace master. Although he wasn’t able to fully gauge the strength of his opponent, this short battle gave Qing Shui a rough estimation. He now had confidence that he would be able to defeat...

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