AST 1686 - Battle, Five versus five

Chapter 1686 - Battle, Five versus five

“Who among you makes decisions? I have something I wish to say.” The man in the lead spoke. His voice was extremely low but clear.

The Sunset Palace Mistress pushed Qing Shui lightly from behind, indicating that he should take a step forward. She wanted Qing Shui to step out on his own, and this also told the opponents that Qing Shui could make decisions.

Qing Shui helplessly smiled at their opponents, “There’s even a challenge letter issued already. I wonder if there’s anything else you need to say?”

“I hope that the battle this time around won’t implicate the innocent no matter who wins. I wonder what you think about this?” That man in the lead stared at Qing Shui as he spoke. 

Upon hearing these words, Qing Shui knew that their opponents didn’t have complete confidence...

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