AST 1685 - Eve before Battle

 Chapter 1685 - Eve Before Battle

Initially, Qing Shui didn’t intend on allowing Old Jin (Jin Guizi ) and Old Mo to participate in the combat.

It was just that after a discussion with the females, they realized this wasn’t good. If they did so, it would mean that they looked down on the two elders, not treating them truly as one of their own. If that was the case, how could the other members truly feel that the Sunset Palace was their family?

Qing Shui thought about it and sighed with emotion. He had experienced many battles in his life and right now, he realized that most of the time, he was always fighting alone. Even his women rarely fought together with him.

Now, although the disparity between their strengths was larger apart, it was still possible for them all to fight together. Qing Shui realised...

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