AST 1683 - The Most Romantic Thing

Chapter 1683 - The Most Romantic Thing

The face of the Sunset Palace Mistress instantly flushed red, down to her neck. She remained calm and silent, throwing a glance at Qing Shui. The three of them were used to joking around, and they were way too brilliant to guess her mind.

Muyun Qingge threw that joke with nefarious intentions, as she was secretly observing Qing Shui’s response. However, Qing Shui acted in a negligent way and smiled without a word.

Previously, Qing Shui had spoken a lot to the Sunset Palace Mistress and things were shady between him, Muyun Qingge and the Sunset Palace Mistress. At this moment, he couldn’t say anything regardless of the reason.

Qing Shui rarely took initiative in love, but...

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