AST 1676 - Instant Reversal

Chapter 1676 - Instant Reversal

Although Qing Shui had sustained some injuries, he still felt very happy. After all, this time around, he still had some confidence to be coming this time around. As long as he could stand his ground, it would be hard to tell who the victor would be.

Qing Shui's greatest ability was to control the arena, including for other people and for himself. Right now, he couldn't manage to take care of the Dark Phoenix and Long Zhu`er at the greatest extent possible, but he could still provide some help for them. Moreover, the battle situation on their side was very stable and the true deciding factor of the victory was between himself and the old man.

"Surprise, this is really a surprise. I'm considered to be the top three in the Demonic Saber Immortal Sect, yet I wasn't able to take you down even after using the Immortal Slaying God Killing Blow." The old man looked at...

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