AST 1675 - The Battle Between Experts

Chapter 1675 - The Battle Between Experts

"Don't you feel that you're too confident?" Qing Shui looked in their direction, with a strong will to fight. However, no matter how much a person enjoyed challenging others, they would still have reservations. As long as one was alive, they wouldn't be able to toss aside everything.

"You'll know in a while if I'm confident or not. Make your move. Otherwise, you might not even have a chance to do so later." The old man slowly brought out a huge violet colored long saber.

Immortal Slaying Demonic Saber!

Qing Shui knew that what the old man said earlier included some elements of psychological attack. It was also a form of pressurizing the opponent. Qing Shui wouldn't be intimidated from just a few words the opponents said and he took out his Golden Battle Halberd.

Tantai Lingyan and the others who were...

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