AST 1663 - Powerful Paragon Strike, take over the Dragon King Palace?

Chapter 1663 - Powerful Paragon Strike, Taking Over the Dragon King Palace?

Both sides were not in a hurry to battle. With bated breaths and full concentration, they waited for the other to attack first. Looking at the calm opponent who had no intention of moving, Qing Shui decided to act first. 

Nine Palace Laws!

A five-element net sprawled across the whole area. Qing Shui was the king of this area; the area belonged to him. The opponent would be affected, no matter how strong he was.

Ao Xuri face did not show any fear. Although the Nine Palace Laws had some impacts, it was not particularly terrifying and it was within Ao Xuri’s expectation. However, since Qing Shui had used the Nine Palace Laws, Ao Xuri could not drag this on any longer as it would be disadvantageous to him.

Consume more and lose a little; many a little makes a mickle. The strong ones could see the finest details because they learned from many who had lost or even died, full of regret, for missing them. 

Legend said that Ao Xuri’s weapon, The White Dragon Halberd, had a white dragon sealed in it. The white dragon had fused with the weapon to become one, giving the halberd the...

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