AST 1661 - Mergence, Sunset Sea King Palace, Dragon King Palace Showed Up?

Chapter 1661 - Merger, Sunset Sea King Palace, Dragon King Palace Showed Up?

" Why the sudden courtesy?" Qing Shui smiled.

Sunset Palace Mistress shook her head, " This isn't courtesy, I would never be courteous to you, but I still wanted to say this to you. Apart from this, I couldn't think of anything else to say."

Sunset Palace Mistress didn't say anything else. After all, her most precious capital is herself. Yet, even though she was willing to give it to him, he wouldn't accept it. She knew he wasn't totally uninterested in her body, but he was restraining himself, or he didn't want to hurt her.

That made her fall for him even more. She knew that if he was the kind of man who drooled at her beauty, even if he got her body, but he would never capture her heart.

Women are precisely so contradictory. She had taken the initiative, but she now felt that this was the best ending. If he had happily accepted her confession at the very beginning, she wouldn't know if she'd still like him, or if she'd really given herself to him.

"Sunset Palace's strength isn’t bad, I'd bring you to Sea King Palace tomorrow and let you guys get acquainted with each other. Let's see what plans you'd have for the future. I hope...

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