AST 1658 - Immortal-defying force, Immortal-defying Inheritance, another False God Divine Tribulation’s Encounter

Chapter 1658 - Immortal-defying Force, Immortal-defying Inheritance, Another False God Divine Tribulation’s Encounter

While watching the attractive and passionate look of a woman with an otherworldly beauty, she, as a woman, also found her extremely beautiful and alluring. She could also clearly feel both of Qing Shui’s and Yiye Jiange’s rhythm as they merged into one. 

The impact which she received mentally made her feel like a small boat in the middle of a boundless ocean. A boat undulating freely across the sea without any restraint. This kind of impact was more like a kind of excitement. It couldn’t be described as a comfortable sensation. It was more likely to be a feeling resulting from taking a peek at other people doing things from the side. 

It was human’s basic function to feel the seven emotional states. At the moment, Muyun Qingge wasn’t sure if her emotions were ignited from the scene which she saw but she realized that slowly, over time, she had begun to stop resisting it.

Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange enjoyed each other’s presences for almost half the night. The two of them, who were so indulged in what they were doing, seemed to have forgotten that there were other people near them. The thought of other people clearly seeing what they were doing never even crossed their minds. Hence, some of the embarrassing positions, as well as the pleasure they had with them, were all seen by Muyun Qingge. 

Eventually, by the time the two had calmed down, Qing Shui noticed Muyun Qingge. He could sense a faint Heavenly...

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