AST 1656 - Sunset Palace Mistress' Dejectedness, North Sea Dragon Palace

Chapter 1656 - Sunset Palace Mistress' Dejectedness, North Sea Dragon Palace

With great power, it was easy to turn the tides of the situation. The Sunset Palace was in cheers. It was like they were given another chance. The more one recovers something after losing it, the more they would treat the thing preciously.

However, the members of the Golden Sand Palace were as if they had dropped into an ice cave. Victory had been snatched away right before their eyes. If their Palace Lord got to eat meat, they would be able to have a share in at least the soup as well. By then, they would be able to do anything to the Sunset Palace. However, right now, it was that others could do whatever they wished to them.

After the top-notch cultivators were crippled, the rest wouldn't be able to do much. They were all left to be dealt with by the Sunset Palace. The things were settled very quickly in less than an hour after Qing Shui had arrived.

This was the benefits of great power. Absolutely suppressing. Even the Golden Sand Palace which was even more powerful than the Sunset Palace was unable to hang on for an hour before Qing Shui.

The Sunset Palace Mistress walked up next to Qing Shui. The enemies had been wiped out but the surroundings were still filled with the stench of blood. However,...

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