AST 1655 - Hope, Sunset Palace Mistress, Killing

Chapter 1655 - Hope, Sunset Palace Mistress, Killing

"You bitch. Do you really think that I wouldn't dare to kill you? Objects that I've taken a liking to can forget about escaping from my clutches. Attack fiercer! It's fine as long as she remains alive!"

The Ancient Golden Sand Sea-Tiger King seemed to have been enraged. This lady had humiliated him time after time. He liked such ladies who had status and was headstrong, and enjoyed even more upon seeing them submit under him.

Although the Sunset Palace Mistress was injured, her attacks were still very fierce and didn't end up being at a disadvantage. However, it was clear that the Sunset Palace Mistress would eventually lose. It was just a matter of time before that happened.

Toward the humiliation and the shouts from the Ancient Golden Sand Sea-Tiger King, the Sunset Palace Mistress didn't pay it any heed. It might be because she had too much on her plate at the moment since she was injured and could only be on the defense, rarely attacking. If this were to go on, she would only end up being defeated.

"Submit to me and I'll spare the lives of the others from the Sunset Palace. Resistance is futile. Even if you were to die, I won't let you off. If you were to die, I'll massacre everyone from your Sunset Palace. You should know that I never joke."

These words...

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