AST 1653 - Qing Shui's Woman, Returning to the Linhai City

Chapter 1653 - Qing Shui's Woman, Returning to the Linhai City

The wedding procedure went on very smoothly. RIght now, Qing Shui wasn't afraid that people who didn't know any better would come and create trouble. It was a joyful event after all. Even though he wasn't worried that others would do so, he didn't like the idea of people creating trouble either. As time passed, the guests slowly took their leave.

Those who weren't on that close a relationship left earlier and it was only those who were close to them who had stayed longer. However, in the evening, most of them had already left.

The members of the Qing Clan sat together. Although there weren't that many members of the Qing Clan around today, they still increased in numbers. The younger generation had moved up and Qing Shui's generation had also begun to start their own families.

Yiye Jiange sat next to Qing Shui, wearing a faint smile but feeling very strange. From today onward, she would be his. Although she was already his over half a year ago or even longer, it was only now that she realized that this ceremony was very important.

Many people said that they did not care much about the ceremony and that it would be enough if the two of them were in love and could be together. Nothing else would matter.

This was true as well....

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