AST 1651 - The New Year has passed, Sea King Palace, Toppling a City

AST 1651 - The New Year has passed, Sea King Palace, Toppling a City

The New Year passed by in a flash and after the ruckus caused by the Qi Clan, Imperial Cuisine Hall’s basked in the immense limelight within the Ice Domain Dynasty and its surrounding regions. Many people knew that the head of the Imperial Cuisine Hall was a Divine.

Someone who could cause a Peak False God to suffer serious injuries with just one punch could only be a Divine but all these were guesses by outsiders. Nevertheless, Qing Shui’s strength was without a doubt.

Lan Lingfeng also got married and people say that after a man gets married, he would become more steady. While there was not much of a change in his personality, there was definitely some. Normally, he might be a little casual but it has been much less frequent than before as if he matured a lot in a while.

Ziche Sha became someone’s wife too, making Xue Nuo appear even more like a young lass.

Possessing the Golden Benevolent Buddha allowed Qing Shui to help everyone go through Constitution Nurturing again even though it wasn’t possible before. With the Golden Benevolent Buddha this time, the effects after the Constitution Nurturing were not bad either.


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