AST 1650 - Qi Clan leaves dejectedly, Benevolent Golden Buddha

Chapter 1650 - Qi Clan Leaves Dejectedly, Benevolent Golden Buddha

It was agreed upon previously that whoever lost would say that he is not a man.

At that point, neither of them believed that they would lose and that’s why they agreed. Thus, Qi Yunhe never expected himself to actually be defeated. His body, full of bloodstains, shook and in a moment of anger actually fainted.

Lan Lingfeng was very gloomy as he originally thought he could hear Qi Yunhe say the words “I’m not a man”. Now that he looked at the situation, he couldn’t possibly wake him up so that he could hear him say those word. That would really be too much.

“He really knows how to faint. Is he really a man?” Lan Lingfeng couldn’t help but say that.

Qi Clan had already sent some people to carry Qi Yunhe away while Clan Master Qi did not have a good look on his face. Looking at Lan Lingfeng, he didn’t know who had acted and caused Qi Yunhe’s body to get affected so badly but he knew that the person must be in cahoots with the Young Master from the Lan Clan.

Had the Lan Clan always had such a powerful expert protecting them? What was the strength of this person who had acted from the shadows? Within the Ice Domain Dynasty, only the royal clan had mysterious experts other than the royal clan so the Qi Clan held no regard for anyone else.


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