AST 1649 - If you lose you aren’t a man, You have lost

Chapter 1649 - If You Lose You Aren’t a Man, You Have Lost

Also, it was Old Man Ziche’s demeanor, Qing Shui could tell that he had some misgivings towards the Qi Clan.

Ziche Clan was a major clan in the Imperial City and could be considered the top three, though the Qi Clan was considered the number one clan. Other than the Royal Clan, they were considered the strongest so naturally, the Qi Clan would have misgivings about them.

The people from Lan Clan didn’t look too good. Linhai City was far from the Imperial City. They were considered a top clan in Linhai City but coming to the Imperial City was a different thing altogether. They probably couldn’t compare to Ziche Clan, much less the Qi Clan.

“Today is Sha-er’s big day. It is good that Clan Master Qi could arrive. Come here and sit.” Old Man Ziche came forward and said warmly. 

Without moving at all, Clan Master Qi smiled at Old Man Ziche and said: “Old Man Ziche, I didn’t come here to congratulate you today. I came to propose a marriage.”

“Propose a marriage? Our Ziche Clan still has a few other girls but normally I wouldn’t interfere with their marriage matters. I’m not sure which Young...

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