AST 1647 - Both women attained Peak False God

Chapter 1647 - Both Women Attained Peak False God

The Ancient Golden Shrimp General looked at Qing Shui and he could feel that this man was much stronger than he was. Upon seeing Qing Shui’s amiability, he became less tense and drawled: “This is one of the entrances to the North Ocean. I’m here holding the fort. Idle people should not casually be around here to prevent any misunderstandings.”

Qing Shui laughed and looked around: “We are not intending to go to the North Ocean. Can’t we just stay around here and look?”

The Ancient Golden Shrimp General was slightly taken aback since he was strong and he could simply use his strength to scare away the average person. He didn’t even need to break a sweat. Normally he wouldn’t kill people to prevent the two clans from warring but today he unexpectedly met an extremely strong human.

“Alright. In that case, you can stay here but I won’t be keeping you company any longer.” said the Ancient Golden Shrimp General and started to leave.

“Brother, wait up!” Qing Shui said in a hurry. It wasn’t easy to meet an Aquatic from an Ocean Domain so Qing Shui was not going to let him just leave like that. He still wanted to go to the North Ocean to take a look so finding an Aquatic to...

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