AST 1646 - Entrance of the North Ocean, Ancient Golden Shrimp General

AST 1646 - Entrance of the North Ocean, Ancient Golden Shrimp General

Qing Shui did not seem to have slept, after all he had only just regained consciousness. After his strength was raised, his constitution became even stronger such that it would not be much of a problem even if he did not sleep for a long period of time. However, the sky only started to break and the doors of his chambers opened as his two women blinked sleepily and walked out.

They were only wearing pyjamas which were rather spacious and gave off an air of indolence. Their fringes were in a mess but it did not seem to affect their beauty, and instead added to their charm.

Seeing Qing Shui, both women smiled and went to wash up. Once they finished washing and dressing up, Qing Shui was already cleaned up. As he didn’t sleep, he simply washed his face.

Both the women went to do their morning exercises and Qing Shui followed suit. The Divine Moon Immortal Sect’s land was vast and the plaza was filled with a great many people doing their morning exercises. These people belonged to the Divine Moon Immortal Sect and now the Sect was very peaceful after the Life-or-Death Battle that had happened previously.

The three of them found a more secluded spot that prevented people from disturbing them. Everybody knew that Qing...

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