AST 1642 - Divinity Spirit, Inescapable Net, Rain Drizzling Birds

Chapter 1642 - Divinity Spirit, Inescapable Net, Rain Drizzling Birds

Obviously, the Yin Clan had underestimated the Hong Clan. Qing Shui’s appearance was the biggest variable in the match. As for Hong Hong and Hong Gu, their strength had now surpassed the current Feng Xi and Old Man Wang. They were just almost as strong as Yin Tian when he was at his peak.

Qing Shui was just able to hold them back with his ability. This change in situation had caused both sides to be in severe shock. But deep down, other than just shock, Old Man Wang felt more grateful instead. The same went for Feng Xi and Yin Cha, but not as strongly as Old Man Wang. If it wasn’t for QIng Shui, he would still have died even after he raising the other’s strength to such a height.

Unlike Old Man Wang and Feng Xi, the Hong Clan was upset and envious of the Yin Clan. This time, the Hong Clan was very confident that they could take down the Yin Clan no matter what sort of unexpected situation occurred. With that initial mindset which they had, they couldn’t feel more upset than anybody else with such an outcome. It made them feel like puking out blood.

They didn’t understand why their opponent would experience such a significant rise in their wounding ability, defensive prowess, as well as their speed. On the other hand, the people on their side were not only weakened, but also slowed dramatically.

Eventually, they finally set their sight on the youngest man in the arena, Qing Shui!

The brat had been behaving weirdly in the arena. Not only hds he not been...

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