AST 1641 - Dao Force, Qing Shui’s strength, a battle to the death

Chapter 1641 - Dao Force, Qing Shui’s Strength, a Battle to the Death

The moment the Grand Elder finished speaking, people could already be seen rising up into the sky one after another. Qing Shui also followed along and went up into mid-air. There were four participants from the Yin Clan. As for the Hong Clan, they sent out ten representatives for the match. Most importantly, Yin Tian didn’t take part in the match. Instead, Old Man Wang took his place and represented the Yin Clan instead.

“Am I seeing things? Old Man Wang, the cook, Old Man Wang!”

A person shouted out in shock. This went on and caused a ruckus around the area. The amount of shock which they received from this phenomenon was way too much. Old Man Wang was considered to be quite a well-known figure in the Divine Moon Immortal Sect. This cook was a very, very good friend of a particular sect’s Sect Lord. He was very close to the Yin Clan.

Despite that, a lot of people wasn’t aware of Old Man Wang’s existence.

“Is he really a cook? Could it be that the Yin Clan has truly run out of people on their side? An immature and inexperienced brat, and then a cook. As for the other two people, they are more normal in comparison.”

“Exactly! What’s worse is that there are only four of them taking part in the match. Look at the Hong Clan’s side. Not only are they all experienced old men, there are a total of then of them. Somehow, I feel that this time, the Yin Clan is in quite a risky situation. Look, Yin Tian didn’t take part in the match. It might be true that he is injured.”

“I think so. If Yin...

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