AST 1640 - A life-and-death challenge

AST 1640 - A Life-and-Death Challenge

Just like this, the candidates for the Life-and-Death Challenge were decided. Yin Tian insisted on taking part in the match only to be rejected by Feng Xi and Yin Cha. Even Qing Shui disapproved of him taking part in the match. At the moment, a lot of people were aware of Yin Tian’s body condition. The Hong Clan was very likely the culprit responsible for it.

The reason behind the Hong Clan’s action was to inform the people from the Divine Moon Immortal Sect that Yin Tian was a useless person. If Yin Tian were to take part in the match, he would definitely be one of their main targets to be eliminated. Yin Tian possessed a unique status. If anything was to happen to him, Divine Moon Immortal Sect would be in danger.

If Yin Tian chose to not take part in it, the majority of people would still have faith in the sect. Since there were only four people taking part in the fight, it would give the audience the impression that the Yin Clan couldn’t be bothered about fighting. If the Yin Clan managed to win it, it would further make the things which the Hong Clan said prior to be invalid.

Qing Shui didn’t know the actual name of Old Man Wang. He only knew him by the way he addressed him. Old Man Wang was a very casual person. After dinner, Old Man Wang started inquiring Qing Shui about his cooking skills. Qing Shui was very selfless in terms of this. He gave Old Man Wang some of his ingredients and let him take them home to try them...

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