AST 1639 - The mysterious Old Man Wang, Qing Shui confirmed to take part in the battle

Chapter 1639 - The Mysterious Old Man Wang, Qing Shui Taking Part in the Battle

He knew that if his father fully recovered, the Hong Clan would no longer dare to do something like this. Yin Cha looked at his mother. Though he might be the Sect Lord of Divine Moon Immortal Sect, he would still act like a child in front of Feng Xi. Since she was back, he found himself more used to listening to their opinions.

Feng Xi smiled and looked at Yin Tian, “What do you think? This is a battle that we must fight. How do you think we should fight it?”

Yin Tian smiled and said, “I am sure you have pretty much figured it out. Why don’t you tell me and see if you are able to figure out my thought accurately?”

“We will settle this by having a battle royale. Both sides mustn’t have more than ten people participating in the match. They’re responsible for their own lives.” Feng Xi looked at Yin Tian and said with a smile.

Yin Tian knew that Feng Xi would definitely let Qing Shui took part in the battle. Her son, herself, and two other people would also join the match.

Yin Cha didn’t understand. He wasn’t clear about Qing Shui’s abilities. Despite that, he chose to remain silent. He knew that they must have their own plans to make such a decision. He had never once doubted his parent’s abilities.

“Well then, how many people from our side shall we send out?” Yin Tian smiled and asked.

“Five. Me, Cha`Er, Qing Shui, Qing Feng, Ming Yue and the two elders [ed note: this is 7?].” Feng Xi smiled and...

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