AST 1637 - Divine Moon Immortal Sect, the passionate Yin Cha

Chapter 1637 - Divine Moon Immortal Sect, the Passionate Yin Cha

The Spiritual Qi within the martial territories was significantly more abundant than those from the Haohan Continent. This was a kind of geographical advantage. Qing Shui had always had an assumption that the deeper into Haohan Continent, the more abundant the Spiritual Qi became. It’s very difficult for a Spiritual Location to appear in an area without Spiritual Qi, let alone a Spiritual Vein.

Not long after they entered the martial territories, about ten people appeared in a distant spot. After seeing the Wind Scaled Beast, a middle-aged handsome man who was supposed to be leading the group swiftly made his way over.

“Cha`Er!” Feng Xi shouted in joy when she saw the man.

“Mother, father, you guys are back!” The man sounded really agitated. He had a really deep voice. Meanwhile, he also nodded his head at Qing Shui and the others as a way of greeting them. He knew that the people who followed his parents back here would definitely be good guys.

After the man embraced Feng Xi, he moved his gaze to Yin Tian. After all, his father had been asleep for a long time. Now, he had awoken and he seemed a lot better than before. But his son didn’t ask anything about his current condition. He knew that his father was very weak at the moment, yet this...

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