AST 1636 - The Blade Demon died. Martial Territories

Chapter 1636 - The Death of the Blade Demon. Martial Territories

Yin Tian seemed to be very confident. The opposing elder, on the other hand, seemed to be feeling nervous. For insurance, Qing Shui unleashed his Emperor’s Qi.

Emperor’s Qi…..

Originally, the Blade Demon had used his most powerful battle technique, causing Feng Xi to feel a bit exhausted. Suddenly, the power around her opponent felt as if it had dropped significantly. Added on to his speed reduction from before, he was no longer any threat to her.

Take note that both Feng Xi and the Blade Demon specialized in speed but in comparison, Feng Xi was slightly inferior to him. But now, she needn’t worry about the gap. She was able to completely suppress him. The change in circumstances gave him and the people who had followed him here a lot of pressure.

The people who were sent out of Blade Demon Immortal Sect this time had been very confident that they could kill Feng Xi and Yin Tian. They initially thought that there would be no need for Blade Demon to make his move. But now that he did, they never expected for such a situation to unfold.

Yin Tian took out a long blue sword. Suddenly, he made his move and was firm with every step he took. In a battle, one must have a sufficiently imposing manner. The most-feared thing in a battle was to be hesitant. Even if one was to lose physically, he must stay strong mentally. So long as he managed to suppress the enemies’ aura, even if their strength differed by a little, the weaker one would...

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