AST 1635 - Feng Xi’s Sleeve Reversal, the Regretless Slash

Chapter 1635 - Feng Xi’s Sleeve Reversal, the Regretless Slash

Yin Tian was composed. He gazed at the man opposite him with the name Blade Demon, “There are still many immortal sects that are more powerful than Divine Moon Immortal Sect. What do you achieve by eliminating the Divine Moon Immortal Sect? It’s not like you guys will get stronger.”

Blade Demon smiled, “Yes indeed, it’s not like we will get stronger. But across the world of martial arts, our only rival is you, the Divine Moon Immortal Sect. Without you guys, the resources around this area will be ours! The reason why the Divine Moon Immortal Sect is so powerful is solely because of the advantage they hold in their resources. We have waited for this day for a long time.”

Yin Tian didn’t refute Blade Demon’s words, as he was telling the truth. The Divine Moon Immortal Sect was located right within a Spiritual Place. There was a place in there that especially helped in Spiritual Cultivation. Cultivating in a Spiritual Place with the best quality for a day would be equivalent to cultivating for a hundred days under normal conditions. In some extreme cases, it might even be equivalent to one year’s worth of hard work. However, a limitation of this place was that it couldn’t be used constantly for a long period of time. Normally, once a warrior used it for a number of days, it would take quite a while for it to re...

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