AST 1634 - Walking On Air, Meeting an Obstruction, Blade Demon

AST 1634 - Walking On Air, Meeting an Obstruction, Blade Demon

It has been a few days since they returned to Imperial Cuisine Hall but there was still two days left bẻoe the agreed one week meeting time. Feng Xi and the rest were delighted to see Qing Shui return and probably knew that his matters have been settled promptly.

When he came back, he paid a visit to Sea King Palace and stayed there for a day. Yiye Jiange was there and this time was different from the last. They were entangled for a full day and succumbed to that pure and unadulterated affection and passion - each time made Qing Shui feel as if his soul wanted to soar.

Qing Shui previously said he wanted to let Yiye Jiange become a “knight” and they finally did it this time. When Yiye Jiange shyly straddled Qing Shui’s hips and covered his eyes while rocking, at that moment, Qing Shui felt as if the entire world trembled.

After that, Qing Shui removed her two hands and looked at her graceful appearance. Seeing that jerky but utterly beguiling movements, pure and innocent but also sheepish and coy, that two-pronged assault caused Qing Shui to feel as if he was walking on air.

This sort of feeling was really like walking on air. The saying of envying the life of a couple but...

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