AST 1631 - Goddaughter, Golden Divine Rope

Chapter 1631 - Goddaughter, Golden Divine Rope

“Our names seem to be quite similar, all with four words. Happy to meet you.” Yiye Jiange smiled at Tantai Lingyan.

Qing Shui did not tell the others about Tantai Lingyan, which was why few people knew about her existence. Also, Tantai Lingyan’s personality was rather reserved and she did not ask much, so she also did not know who was by Qing Shui’s side.

Like attracts like, and the same went for beauties. After all, with their level of beauty, they would not be envious of the others’ beauty. Their beauty had reached a pinnacle, and each of them had their own unique temperaments - they were all extremely beautiful in their own ways.

Tantai Lingyan wisely knew that these two women were definitely not normal friends of Qing Shui. She did think that a man like him would definitely be surrounded by women. After all, this was not like the first time when they met. Actually, she didn’t know that, back then, Qing Shui already had many excellent people around him.

“Hello, happy to meet you too!” Tantai Lingyan didn’t smile, but she wore a natural and gentle expression.

“Jiange, let’s...

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